Sample Rates

You can get a Five page website with Google map, blog, and contact form for $300. I will find you the best and lowest price website hosting for your needs! The domain purchase and hosting are your expense.

Like this site? Have a limited budget? Ask me how you can have a professional website similar to this - with $0 Hosting Fees!!!

Hourly rates available for updates, SEO, social media marketing, or *TRAINING YOU OR YOUR STAFF* to do those things begins at $15 an hour.

There is an initial $50 charge for a basic marketing plan, which will be applied toward the services I provide if you hire me. Sorry, but I have had people use me to get a marketing plan, and then initiate it themselves. True, they did it badly, and in a way that could never work, but they stole my time and knowledge.

For additional fees, I can add Paypal to your site in a variety of ways. I can create a private login area for your employees or members to share files and information.

I can create you a blog site that will allow you to post your articles, pictures and videos.

If you want a super fancy flash site, or a giant shopping site like Walmart or Amazon, I will have to send you somewhere else. 

However, I can provide a professional web experience for your customers, and potential customers! My example sites featured here are really pretty basic. I like challenges. Tell me what you are looking for and let me quote your dream!